Our Terms & Conditions

We now require that you use a cat carrier that is in good working order to transport your pet to and from the Cattery. Please see: Preparing to Board your Cat at Cross Creek Cattery


  1. During our busy periods we reserve the right to ask for a non-refundable deposit from new customers.
  2. The minimum booking period at the cattery is for 3 days, except for Easter, July, August and Christmas, when the minimum booking period is for five days. Bookings will be accepted for less than the minimum duration, but the charge will be for the applicable minimum period.
  3. Cats must be spayed or neutered unless under 6 months old.
  4. If you do not notify us of a change in plan in advance, and your cat is not picked up one week after the scheduled departure date, then the Cattery may take whatever action it deems necessary to find a new home for your cat.
  5. The Cat Owner agrees to pay any and all costs associated with services provided by Cross Creek Cattery and agrees to hold them harmless of any and all liability for loss or damage of property, sickness, injury, or death to the cat(s).
  6. Please ensure you arrive at least 20 minutes before we close to:
    • Drop-off/Check-in your cat (to confirm your details and your cat's care and feeding details etc.)
    • Pick-up/Check-out your cat (to complete payment etc.).
    The above apply to both morning and afternoon/evening closes (see Opening Hours). Customers who arrive late will be charged an "Unarranged late Check-in / Check-out" fee.

Payment Terms


  1. All fees are subject to GST.
  2. All accounts must be settled in full on drop-off or pick-up.
  3. For guests staying over a month we require bi-weekly payments; we can take these payments via e-transfer or post-dated cheques. Please make the necessary arrangements at or before drop-off.
  4. We accept payment by e-transfer, Cash or Cheque. Please do not pre-write cheques as we have a stamp for our company name.

Health Requirements

Vaccination & Health Requirements

  1. Your cat must be up-to-date with vaccinations, according to the schedule specified by your vet. We will need to see the cat's latest up to date vaccination certificates either before, or at time of, drop-off.
  2. We require all cats to have the following vaccinations: The first three vaccinations above are also known as the Feline Combo vaccinations or Feline Upper Respiratory vaccinations (FVRCP)
  3. We require your cat to have an annual wellness examination by your vet. We reserve the right to see the relevant report.
  4. Cats must be free from any communicable diseases. We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of any cat showing visible indications of any illness or disease.

Health Recommendations

We recommend that your cat has the Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) vaccination.

Veterinary Services

  1. We will take every reasonable step to ensure that your cat is well looked after while in our care, but in the unlikely event of injury or illness your cat will be taken to either your veterinary clinic (notified at drop-off), or if this is not possible, then to a local veterinary clinic, for immediate treatment, to be paid for by the Owner (see Medical Fees and Related Services).
  2. If you prefer to nominate a veterinary service, please let us know the contact details at drop-off. Please see Medical Fees and Related Services for all related charges.
  3. If there is a limit to how much you are willing to spend if your animal becomes sick or injured whilst in our care, please let us know.

Preparing to Board your Cat at Cross Creek Cattery

Transporting Your Pet

We wish to help reduce the stress to your cat, and potential problems if your cat should escape (or try to escape), while being transferred to his / her new surroundings. We therefore require that you use a suitable purpose-designed cat carrier that is in good working order to transport your pet to and from the Cattery.


When your cat comes to stay with us, please bring your cat's own comfortable and adequate bedding; e.g. a small bed, fluffy hand towel or T-Shirt. If we need to supply your cat with a cattery-loaned towel there will be a small charge.


If you are supplying your own cat food, please ensure that you bring a supply adequate for the whole of your cat's stay, allowing for possible delays in pick-up date etc. If we have to purchase more, additional charges will apply. See Standard Charges - Food.

Page last updated: Sep 4, 2010

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