Contacting and Finding Cross Creek Cattery

Simplified map of Cross Creek Cattery location
Cattery is SW of Calgary at
southern end of 12th Street West.


Phone: 403-938-5386


Full Mailing Address including Civic Code and new Postal Code (as revised by Canada Post from 19 February 2024):

Lianne & Steve Brandon
Cross Creek Cattery

242135 12th ST WEST

The Civic Code is used primarily by emergency services (911 etc) and administrative services. The Civic Code (242135 12th St W. Foothills) pinpoints the location to a physical location. Therefore the address 242135 12th St W. Foothills is ideal for use with SatNav systems (where suported); it is recognised by Google Maps and Bing Maps.

Finding Us - SatNav

We are situated in a rural location, and as with most such locations, our allocated postcode covers a large area. Similarly the normal form of our address is not correctly resolved by some SatNav systems. It is therefore not recommended that you use just a postcode or postal address in a SatNav to find us; if your SatNav supports Civic Addresses, use that.

Otherwise, it is recommended that you:
  1. Locate Cross Creek Cattery on a Google / Bing map on your computer, tablet or phone, using one of the methods indicated below.
  2. Then set your SatNav to that location, using the "Browse Map" or similar feature.

Finding Us - Google Maps

Google Search, Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps 3D and Bing Copilot all "know" the exact location of our cattery. Just key "Cross Creek Cattery" into the appropriate search box. For Google Search, the first result should be for the cattery, and an adjacent small map (which you can click on) will show the exact location.

Finding Us - General Directions

We are located 5 minutes from SW Calgary off Highway 2a, on 242 Avenue West, opposite Dunbow Road at Heritage point.

From Calgary:
  1. Proceed SE on Macleod Trail SE (aka Highway 2A) until you reach junction with Dunbow Road (aka 242 Avenue West or Township Road 220).
  2. Turn right (i.e. west) onto 242 Avenue West (aka Township Road 220); proceed for 750m.
  3. Turn left (i.e. south) onto 12th Street West. Proceed for 800m.
  4. At end of straight road, Cross Creek Cattery gates are on your right. The sign on the wall to your right says: "Cross Creek Cottage"; drive in.

Finding Us - Directions from Your Home


Cross Creek Cattery is about 100m further on (south-west) from the end point that will be shown on the above directions.

Finding Us - Map

Click for Google Earth ApplicationCross Creek Cattery on Google Earth (starts Google Earth) Install Google Earth

Finding Us - GPS Address

Decimal DegreesDegrees, Minutes, Seconds
Longitude: -114.01983-114° 1' 10.98"
Latitude: 50.82617+50° 49' 34.47"

Finding Us - Cross Creek Cattery Entrance on Google Street View

Bringing Your Pet to the Cattery

Before bringing your pet to Cross Creek Cattery, please read:

Preparing to Board your Cat at Cross Creek Cattery

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